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The Da Brim Cycling Classic Helmet Brim is designed for maximal UPF50+ sun protection coverage. The largest of the bicycle helmet visor models, the Cycling Classic provides a broad 360° sun protection. Use our helmet visor with virtually any bicycle helmet to increase your enjoyment of a ride in the cool comfort of shade.

The Cycling Classic is designed to work with both traditional bicycle helmets that have a notch or indentation at the back of the helmet to nest the Da Brim’s attachment strap and with more rounded helmets.


  • Requires no modifications to your helmet or sticky adhesives
  • Air flows freely through helmet vents, promoting cooling
  • Helps block glare
  • Adjustable front visor angle to see forward while in a head-down riding position
  • The front strap keeps the brim from coming down and impairing vision
  • Rear brim height adjustment for use with backpacks and mirrors
  • Reinforced brim edge for added stability
  • Engineered to withstand the wind forces imposed by outdoor activities. Comfortable in combined wind speeds of up to 25 mph (sum of your speed and wind from all directions.) Note: This model is not designed for high-speed downhill descents or performance cycling.
  • UPF50+ brim (helmet attachment crown not rated)
  • As with other visors, does not provide top of head sun protection
  • 3½” front brim contours to 4½” at the rear to provide excellent neck sun protection. Note that dimensions are of the brim itself. If comparing to a favorite hat that sits against the head, add the thickness of the helmet (typically 3/4″ -1″)
  • Lightweight (weighs approximately 5 oz.)
  • Water-Resistant
  • Hand wash, hang to dry
  • One size fits most helmets 26- 32″ in outer circumference where the Da Brim will sit