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Bleed Kit/ STD 2022

The 2022 STD model introduces a brand new connection method. The unclogging pressure relief funnel features an embedded metal funnel neck for enhanced durability. The versatile
connection system allows the funnel to be used with both the oiler and the oil bottle, expanding its compatibility. Additionally, it is equipped with dual injectors and an oil bottle to
cater to various oil-changing needs.

Now, with simple plug-and-play, the connector can be quickly attached to either the funnel or the injector. The precise matching between the retaining ring and the slot enables a freely
a rotating sealed state between the connector and the injector, providing a more flexible and reliable user experience.

Unclogging funnel

This is an innovative improvement to the existing usage scenario—an unclogging funnel. It incorporates a switch mechanism that enables seamless control of oil flow. The oil flow is activated when the funnel is in use and automatically shuts off when not in use. This innovative design eliminates the issue of oil overflow caused by pressure release due to clogging.

Pressure relief valve funnel passage

When injecting new brake fluid into the caliper end, the introduction of air into the brake line can cause a decrease in hydraulic resistance and pose a safety hazard with the funnel spraying vertically. The innovative funnel neck is designed as a "pressure relief reducer" to restrict the direction and flow rate of the brake fluid entering the funnel, reducing the mixing of oil and air. By dispersing the brake fluid evenly along the side walls of the funnel, any small air bubbles can be quickly eliminated.

Extensive compatibility

Equipped with 10 connectors, the connectors are plug-and-play, allowing them to be connected to the funnel or oiler. They are compatible with mainstream brake models from 2012 to 2022.