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kLite QUBE flashing LED lights

  • USB powered kLite Qube FLASHING rear safety light
  • ULTRA low power drain, will not affect light or USB recharge use at same time
  • Anti- GLARE optics, rider directly sitting on your wheel is not blinded, but car at distance gets full blast
  • 100% waterproof / Dunk proof
  • Compact and tiny size
  • Seat post or seat stay mounting

**USB powered** will plug direct to the kLite dynamo powered USB charger (use double USB lead if needed)

**Will not run from USB cache battery, UNLESS it has LOW power mode, as its so low power, Cache will just shutdown**

**will NOT work direct from dynamo hub, Qube must be USB powered.**

**will NOT auto start from some dynamo powered USB chargers**