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All the good things from the Dashboard, but in a smaller lightweight package.
This compact computer features our well-known smart single button interface,
which makes operating the computer an extraordinary simple task. Furthermore the Nanoboard is based on the Dashboard for its big screen, which is adapted to the smaller size of the Nanoboard, the fitting of the bracket and the similar construction. The durability is like you've never seen it before. Thanks to an external rubber TPU protection the inside of the computer is protected against the elements and the computer itself will hold like a rock when you might crash. All the traditional functions of a computer are in there, but it even includes a smart calorie function which calculates how much calories you're burning during your ride. It keeps track of all your activities and data. No matter how big the task, the small Nanoboard is up for it.

Features & Specs
Wireless computer with 11 functions:

  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Trip distance
  • Odometer
  • Riding time
  • Calorie consumption
  • Clock
  • Auto scan
  • Auto start/stop
  • Low battery indicator

Versatile bracket for handlebar or stem.
Easy operation by a single button.
Waterproof casing.
Battery included.
Color: black/silver.