PEATYS LinkLube Wet 120ml

PEATYS LinkLube Wet 120ml

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  • Readily biodegradable bespoke blend of oils, waxes and powerful corrosion inhibitors
  • Designed for long rides in the wettest, filthiest conditions.
  • Super smooth, hyper durable, quiet running chain for the worst riding conditions
  • Easily last a full day of riding in the worst conditions, without turning to thick gunk which wet lubes are renowned for!
  • Irish coffee scented to keep you going on long winter nights

LinkLube Wet Weather chain lube is a bespoke irish coffee scented blend of oils, waxes & powerful corrosion inhibitors that will give you a super smooth, hyper-durable, quiet running chain in the wettest, filthiest riding conditions.

Born out of the gruelling requirements of Enduro World Series (EWS) races, riders often need to ride all day in the wettest, filthiest conditions. Peatys designed LinkLube Wet to cope with these demands and more - easily lasting a full day riding in any condition whilst not turning into a thick, impossible to clean, gunk which wet lubes are renowned for.